London Lunch 2021


The OWA Committee have taken the difficult decision to cancel the London lunch entirely this year but have booked the RAF Club for next year.
This event has been running for a number of years but in a change from tradition we have opted to hold the event on a Saturday to mitigate the need for people to take a day off work. The lunch is a wonderful opportunity to meet up with old School mates and enjoy a fabulous meal in splendid surroundings.

The Association is subsidizing the event and will be placing a couple of bottles of wine on each table as well as hosting the pre-lunch drinks.

Our new Headmaster, Eugene Du Toit will be attending as will a small cohort of current Lower Sixth representing boarding, sport, drama and music communities. Eugene is particularly keen to meet with OWs and our current students will be pleased to let you know how the School compares to when you were there.

Ticket details to follow

We are also looking at the possibility of running transport from Wellington to London (and back) on the Saturday if there is enough interest. Please could you email j.handley@wellignton-school.org.uk if you would like to use this.
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