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The Old Wellingtonians' Association (OWA) is the link for former pupils (OWs) of Wellington School in Somerset. The objective of the OWA is to promote and maintain contact and friendships between former pupils on leaving school with each other and with current and former staff, parents and governors.

Anyone who has attended Wellington School is an Old Wellingtonian for life and will always be thought of as part of the wider school family. A number of reunions and events are held each year and offer a wonderful opportunity to meet up with old classmates, swap news and enjoy spending time in each other’s company.

Members of the OWA also offer help and support to current and former students through  attending school events, mentoring, career advice or providing work experience.

In addition to providing a platform for the publication of news and events, the OWA website was relaunched in the summer of 2016 to allow OWs to update their own records and to search and find the details of school friends.

A great deal of the information on this website is easily accessible but for some, you need to have logged in. This ensures that all members of the OWA can share contact data in a secure environment, and allows you to decide just how much information you would like to share. It does not take long to register and all OWA members have been sent a personal user name and password.

A copy of our Privacy Notice can be found here.

If you have not received your log in details, please email development@wellington-school.org.uk with your full name and year of leaving, and we will contact with you.

We hope you enjoy using the OWA website.
Latest News
15 October 2023
A large group of Old Wellingtonians enjoyed a reunion in Hong Kong and shared stories and memories from 1988 to 2018. It is wonderful to see affection for the School that stretches way beyond the physical boundaries and across the decades
10 October 2023
The Carson brothers, Tom ('08), Ed ('10) and James ('12) have helped their Hockey Team, the Old Georgians, to the final round of the Euro Hockey League.
05 October 2023
What a fantastic reunion today. Over 80 OWs joined us for lunch and a further 150 for a drink at the Iron Duke, they even ran out wine. Thank you to everyone who joined us today. Here’s to even bigger and better next year!
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