Welcome to the Old Wellingtonians' Association
There is not much of a stronger spell for the magic pull of nostalgia than a photograph and we would like to introduce our new Wellington School photo archive, containing more than 5,000 photos, freely available online for you to view.  


Please afford yourself the luxury of sitting down for an hour or so and peruse the images, looking for yourself or your classmates. 
This collection is made up of photos that are held by the school but there must be more than twice this number held by you, our OW’s.  So please, submit your pictures to be shared with the whole Wellington School community, which you can post to us as paper copies (which we will scan and return) or email digital copies to d.millington-school.org.uk.  If the latter, it would be very helpful to use the following filename system eg “1985 DofE Dartmoor c/d/e etc”. 
Inevitably, there will a number of photos that are in the wrong year and if you spot any, please let us know. None of the photos have yet to be tagged with names, places or dates and we are looking for an army of volunteers to help us with that task. 
What we have created is just the start. We have another thousand or so photos which we will upload in the coming few days and also to add pictures beyond the current 2014.  A target of 10,000 is perfectly achievable. 

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