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 Chapel1The Chapel has been at the heart of the School since its dedication in 1931 and has played, and continues to play, a central role within the life of the School.
“To the Glory of God and in memory of those Old Boys who, for the sake of Liberty, laid down their lives in the Great War, this Monument is built by the Care of their Schoolfellows and Friends.” These words are engraved on the Foundation Stone of the Chapel and serve as a reminder to us of the sentiment in which the Chapel was conceived and built with the generosity of those associated with the School.

The 37 members of the Wellington School Community who gave their lives are listed below:

Pte J G Annal 2nd/Lieut. C G Gordon Lieut. J V R Pastfield
2nd/Lieut. S W Baker Cpl F A Hembrow 2nd/Lieut. P H Rowe
2nd Lieut. L A E S Bilton Pte N Jeffery 2nd/Lieut. H G Shapland
Lieut. A J Bowerman Gnr F E Kent Gnr R J Talbot
Lieut. C W Bown Pte J M Kidner 2nd/Lieut. V Tarbet
Maj. E J Brooks Pte E G J Knight Capt. J N Treble
Pte W J C Brown Pte H T Manley Pte H L Wadland
Cadet W E Chave L/Cpl H J Martin 2nd/Lieut. W L Ward
Sgt P A Clode Tpr W J Miles 2nd/Lieut. T Yandle
2nd/Lieut. E F Corner Capt. W A G Moore L/Cpl F F Yeandle
Pte P Farrant Pte A H W Palfery Lieut. E R Zealley
Tpr F H Ford Pte G W Powell  
Pte J H Gent Pte H Pratt  

Report on Legal Title to Chapel
https://WellingtonSchool.alumni-online.com/files/Report on Chapel Title 20 Jan 2015.pdf

Chapel Fund

Chapel7The specialist restoration work that was needed on the ceiling of the Memorial Chapel in 2011 highlighted the costs involved in the upkeep of such a magnificent Grade 1 Listed building. The School undertakes the general day to day maintenance but the OWA Committee and Chapel Trustees have realised the need to have an on-going Chapel Fund to allow major maintenance works to be undertaken as necessary.

If you would like to donate to the Chapel Fund, or one of our other funds, then please contact the Development Office on 01823 668858 or email development@wellingtonschool.org.uk

Chapel Restoration
As the 80th anniversary of the Chapel approached it was clear that areas of the ceiling and walls above the frieze were beginning to deteriorate and an appeal was launched to raise funds to restore the Chapel to its former glory. It was thanks to so many OWs and Parents and Friends of the School that over £110,000 was raised within 8 months allowing the work to be finished in time for a Service of Thanksgiving in November 2011.


If you would like to donate to the Chapel Fund, or one of our other funds, then please click here or contact the Development Office on 01823 668858 or email development@wellingtonschool.org.uk

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