Welcome to the Old Wellingtonians' Association
The School arranged a number of activities to highlight the actions of the COP26 summit in Glasgow over the last two weeks. Activities from the students included walking and cycling to School, recycling of more difficult products such as toothbrushes, crisp packets and old pens, a Big Welly Garment exchange and lessons on climate and nature.

The students also had various lectures including several from OWs. Jasper Hasell (Oak ’99), the Estate Chief Executive of the famed Castle Howard estate, spoke on Interdisciplinary Careers in the age of Climate Change and finding your inner ikigai - reason to live. Megan Toon, (Price’s 11) discussed COP26 and Business: the inflection point for Commercial Resilience. Megan outlined what COP26 means for business and the pressures they are facing. Megan, who works as an Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Supply Chain and Procurement Consultant with KPMG explained how supply chains play a critical role in both environmental and ethical solutions.
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