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Chairmans Report 2020
Hello all,
What a year 2020 has been and it isn't over yet! A year where we have all had to come to terms with living a new way that means we have had spent large parts of it apart from family and friends. All our events have been cancelled and pencilled in for 2021, which looks like a very busy year. But that will be all down to living with Covid and any possible effective vaccine. We are in the laps of a virus we can't see and science.

Events you may like to put in your diary for next year include the London Lunch on 8th May 2021 and the Commemoration Day Ball on 9th July 2021.

A remembrance will still happen this Sunday, and this is always a poignant moment for our school, with our Chapel at the heart of Remembrance Sunday. This has been filmed this year and is available for you to watch and remember on this link Remembrance 2020

And this leads me to our new OWA website, which is there for you. Please bookmark it and use it. It's yours. And if you have any feedback please let me or any of the committee know.

Finally, we can't get together this year but let's not be alone. Think of those you know, those friends you went to school with and give them a call, not a text or message, give them a call. Our strength as OW's is us, our common bond and the support we can share with each other.

Take care, stay safe,

John Darvall (Overside/Darks '85)
Old Wellingtonians Chairman
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